Primary and Secondary Education

The Greenwood Public School District serves more than 2,800 students per year via 5 schools including the award winning Bankston Elementary School.  Students at Bankston Elementary score in the top 10% in the state for standardized exam scores.

Leflore County Schools serve more than 2,700 students per year via 7 schools has a student teacher ratio of 15.1 which is 5% better than the US average.

Greenwood Public School District logo  Leflore School District logo

Pillow Academy is a private school in Greenwood which occupies a 58-acre campus.  99% of students who graduate from Pillow Academy enter college.  Pillow Academy has an enrollment of around 800 students per year.

Pillow Academy School logo

St. Francis of Assisi School is a Catholic, private school which serves 130 students from grades Pre K-6.  This prep school is rated in th e top-10% of private schools in Mississippi.

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