The Greenwood-Leflore-Carroll Economic Development Foundation (EDF) is a 501(c)(6) nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering economic growth and community revitalization within Greenwood, Leflore County, and the broader Mississippi Delta region. With a focus on leveraging local assets and enhancing the quality of life for residents, the EDF operates at the intersection of community development and economic progress. The EDF plays a crucial role in steering the region towards sustainable development and prosperity by facilitating partnerships, attracting investments, and supporting local businesses.

The Foundation is the Future.

At its core, the EDF's mission is to create a thriving economic environment that is conducive to business growth. Prospective businesses can benefit from a supportive ecosystem with access to local resources, a skilled workforce, and tailored incentives. Additionally, the EDF's commitment to community revitalization ensures that businesses operate in a vibrant community, enhancing their social and economic returns on investment. Through its strategic efforts, the EDF drives economic success and fosters a sense of community pride and belonging, making it an attractive destination for businesses looking to make a meaningful impact.