Taxes and Business

Taxes & Business Costs

  • Mississippi's corporate income tax rate's top bracket of 5% is 9th lowest in the United States.
    • You will receive 100% exemption of this tax for 10 years by locating in our area.
  • Kiplinger ranked Mississippi the 4th best tax-friendly state for business in August, 2014.
  • Mississippi has the 3rd lowest corporate unemployment tax rate for new employers in the United States
  • Mississippi is tied for the lowest maximum corporate unemployment tax rate for employers in the United States.
  • The Mississippi legislature passed massive workers' comp reform in 2012 to satisfy Mississippi businesses.


By locating in our area, an industry with at least 10 new employees will receive a 100% exemption on all state income and franchise taxes, full sales and use tax exemption, and property tax exemptions (other than school taxes) for up to 10 years.

Additional incentives are available from the State of Mississippi and can be seen here:

For additional information on taxes and business, please visit Delta Strong.

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