Greenwood, Mississippi, is a captivating mosaic of culture, steeped in a history that spans agriculture, blues music, civil rights, and culinary innovation. These facets of Greenwood's culture weave a vibrant tapestry, attracting visitors and residents alike to experience its history, music, achievements in civil rights, and culinary delights. It is a city where tradition and progress dance hand in hand, making Greenwood and Leflore County a unique and inviting place to explore, learn, and enjoy.


Greenwood shines as a testament to its enduring legacy as the “Cotton Capital of the World,” with the historic Cotton Row and the headquarters of Staplcotn underscoring its pivotal role in agricultural trade. Today, Greenwood's rich soil nourishes its fields and feeds a tradition of hard work, innovation, and community spirit through events like AgFest, which celebrates harvest season in the Mississippi Delta.


The soul of Greenwood resonates with the deep, emotive tones of the Delta blues. Legends like Robert Johnson, Hubert Sumlin, Honeyboy Edwards, and B.B. King have left an indelible mark in Leflore County, making it a crucial crossroads in the genre's evolution. Greenwood's vibrant blues culture is a living tribute to these artists, ensuring the spirit of the blues continues to inspire.


In the realm of civil rights, Greenwood stands as a beacon of hope and change. Greenwood's Broad Street Park was ground zero for Stokely Carmichael's powerful cry for “Black Power” in 1966. Furthermore, Greenwood's role as the national headquarters for the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee during Freedom Summer and visits by Martin Luther King Jr., highlight its critical place in America's journey toward equality. The Greenwood community honors this history with Black History Month events and a statue commemorating Emmett Till at Rail Spike Park, symbolizing the ongoing pursuit of justice.


Culinary excellence in Greenwood is defined by the influence of Viking Range, which has been headquartered in Greenwood since its founding. Greenwood is also blessed with a tapestry of legendary family-owned restaurants and some of the best barbecue and soul food you will find in the Mississippi Delta. This fusion of tradition and innovation makes Greenwood a premier destination for food enthusiasts and highlights the city's rich cultural heritage.